Seasonal toys (winter and summer toys)

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Seasonal toys (winter and summer toys)

Games for outdoor activities

There are several categories of toys that help choose the best and hottest toys for the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. All of them are united by the same criteria:

  • they provide an active and exciting game that lasts for hours and helps children turn off their computers and enjoy walks;
  • encourage children to go out and play, explore the world around them and stay physically active;
  • motivate children to get up and move and promote active physical play;
  • inspires discoveries in science, nature and research, in mathematics, reading and writing.

Top summer toys:

  • Swing
  • trampoline
  • water blaster
  • inflatable mattress
  • sandbox
  • sand kits and bags

Top winter toys:

  • snowglades
  • snow blasters
  • sled
  • ice floes
  • snow scooters

Top spring-autumn toys:

  • bicycle
  • scooter
  • game tent
  • swing
  • kite
  • playhouse
  • gardener's cart

Seasonal toys by age

0-2 years

Every day is a new adventure for kids. For this age range, choose items that stimulate their mind, body, and all the senses. These toys stimulate experimentation with colors, shapes, sounds and textures, offering opportunities for the development of hand-eye coordination, motor skills, language recognition and education, providing kids with the early development skills they need as they grow up.

3-5 years

Preschoolers are ready to accept a new type of game. Toys for children of this age encourage creativity and creative activities with role-playing games. They provide opportunities for an active game, forcing children to play sports. Social and emotional skills emerge, so music, arts and crafts, teamwork and language skills are important for building self-esteem. Toys in this age group should help expand vocabulary and lead to a sense of accomplishment.

6-8 years

School children get to know the new world in a wider community of classmates and teammates. They enjoy new experiences as they explore their choices and expand their abilities. Encourage them to seek and pursue their passions. Toys and games can help to love science, art, and also help to spend time with family and friends.

9 + years

Communication on the Internet or in person is a key activity for children in this age group. Although teens are familiar with technology and the digital world, they also enjoy playing games, being creative and being active. Give them the opportunity to try something new, both independently and with their peers. Parents are still key role models for this age group, so participate in their hobbies.