The strongest blade Infinity Nado?!

  • The strongest blade Infinity Nado?!

Is there the strongest top of Infinity Nado?

Tops Infiniti must have appeared recently, compared to the popular babbler tops, but already managed to gain popularity and win the love of fans. Everyone who loves to play this game asks: what is the strongest Infiniti Nado? The answer to it can be obtained by comparing the toys with each other.

Toys Infiniti should be divided into the main series, which differ in color, configuration, size and type.

Standard series - the most popular in terms of quality and price. Between her and the tops of "Beyblade Vibuh" from Hasbro, you can draw a kind of parallel: they are also collected from several layers, but not "explode" , as in Beyblade . In addition to the top itself, a starting device (launcher) is included in the kit.

The Athletic series is very similar to the previous one. Its main difference is the convenient launch pen , which is not in the Standard and the presence of an additional ring , the replacement of which changes the behavior of the top in the arena.

The third in complexity Split series consists of two tops with two start-ups. And this is not its only feature. Split series tops can be interconnected into one strong blade, which during a collision with an opponent can break up into two parts, attacking with double force! Of course, this is a significant advantage.

At this fantasy manufacturer is not over. Therefore, get acquainted with the fourth series - Crack . In the anime Infinity itself, the main characters and their blades gradually learn the style of the game and become stronger. The Crack Series are made of two parts, as well as equipped with convenient handles for starting. Rings that make up a toy, you can rearrange, developing new features and battle tactics.

And finally, the fifth newest Infiniti series is necessary - Electronic - tops with a built-in electronic mechanism that run on batteries and are able to accelerate at the behest of the player. The number of accelerations is limited, so it is important to use this feature during the battle if necessary.

In addition to the diversity of the series, Infiniti's tops should be divided into four types:

  • attacking
  • protective
  • balancing
  • hardy

From these names, you can immediately determine which function is assigned to one or another top.

How to choose the strongest Infinity Nado?

The answer is obvious: the strongest blade does not exist. Each blade can beat an opponent. It all depends on the intuition and the correct choice of tactics.

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